Magic Tramps Bio

The Magic Tramps started playing at the Mercer Arts Center in 1972 fronted by Warhol Superstar, Eric Emerson…

The Magic Tramps had various line-ups over the years; however Sesu Coleman (drums) & Lary Chaplan (violin) were two of the main architects of the group who, thru the years, carried on the group name, tradition and direction.

Joey Kelly was offered the job fronting Billy Rath’s Street Pirates in 2011. Joey recruited Johnny Rao on guitar and Bill Tello on drums for immediate rehearsals. Bill Tello decided shortly after he did not want to continue with the project, that’s when Billy Rath immediately requested Sesu Coleman from The Magic Tramps to fill the slot. Joey called Sesu to set up the logistics. Billy Rath was unable to make the rehearsals while Sesu was here in New York, shortly after Sesu returned to Chicago. Frank Fradella replaced Sesu Coleman for the upcoming live shows soon to follow. It was unfortunate Joey & Sesu did not play together in the Pirates but as it turns out fate had charted a different course for the two of them.

Original Magic Tramps members Sesu Coleman and Lary Chaplan were asked to play The Max’s Kansas City 50th Anniversary Reunion at The Bowery Electric Nightclub in New York City. Eric Emerson and Youngblood had long passed but the music still needed to be heard. That’s when Sesu reached out to Joey to discuss putting together a rhythm section that would fit the band’s vibe, history and musical taste.

Joey reached out to friend guitarist Joe Sztabnik of New York Junk and bassist Angello Olivieri who was already playing in Joey Kelly All Stars and the rest was musical history.

The Max’s Kansas City 50th Anniversary Reunion brought so much attention to The New Magic Tramps that Whiplash Records offered the band a DVD/CD package for immediate release. The band agreed and now the magical, high energy show can be seen and heard all over the world. 

Here are some Magic Tramps reviews….

“The new Magic Tramps are tremendous. Honest to goodness, worth listening to music. Flash-hi-heeled and pretty. Talented lyrics say something. Far above average, lively show should be seen, heard and enjoyed.”
……..Rock Magazine, NY

“Nothing has turned us on like the Magic Tramps. They look pretty and sound really fine. Worth seeing again.”
……..Swank Magazine, NY

“Fantastic – really a good, tight band.”
………Rogue Magazine, NY

“Among New York City’s best rock & roll bands, Magic Tramps.”
………Tambourine, NY

“What rock is all about, Magic Tramps.”
………Morning Call, PA.

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