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Joey Kelly has gone on to become one of the most prolific, successful singer-songwriters around. Prior to his musicial career becoming fully defined, Joey was the Liason at both Mudd Club & Max’s Kansas City. “Soon after, I found myself musically and socially involved with New York City’s most prestigious and elegant, pathethic and pompus, priviledged and broken, gifted and talented people in Rock and Roll’s High Society. I was able to turn all that energy into a positive networking fusion of music, song, ideas and collaborations with friends, both old and new that continue to this day. “One could not prepare for what was to become The Rock and Roll Education of a Lifetime. I had no idea I would be involved with music and art’s most talented and accomplished people. That’s when everything changed for me.”

One of music’s most distinctive voices, Joey Kelly has won acclaim worldwide for both his insightful studio/solo work and as the Charismatic Lead Vocalist for many bands, The Magic Tramps, Billy Rath’s Street Pirates, Dive Bar Romeos, Joey Kelly Allstars & as of late  “Buddy Love”, the recently reunited power pop quartet that took America by storm in 1980. Through the years, Joey went on to perform, tour or record with some music’s best.

As a producer, singer/songwriter & engineer, Joey’s compositions and work took his music to the top of the charts repeatedly, and has co-written hits with a diverse group of artists.  As a Record Producer and Engineer, he’s worked with many of the biggest names in music, his collective works selling over 10 million units worldwide. Kelly’s imprint on Producing, Engineering and Musical Direction have truly been major events. Joey has been trying his hand at Jingle & Voice Over Work for Video Games & Commercials. Joey has done commercials for  Dannon, Toyota, Proctor and Gamble, Korbel, Panasonic, Nascar, 7up, MTV, VH1 & Dell to name a few.