Buddy Love Bio

Buddy Love Now

Buddy Love deserve a standing ovation for their recent release, “Now and Then.” As you will soon hear, the songs on this powerful CD capture the essence of Buddy Love’s fabulous hooks and memorable riffs. The catchy melodies and lyrics are part of Buddy Love’s most dynamic attributes as artists coupled with their unstoppable energy during live shows.

 Following the release of the single “Crying Town”, written & produced by Tommy Byrnes (Billy Joel Guitarist), Buddy Love has released their new CD simply titled “Buddy Love”. This represents a totally new direction for the band, away from the DIY Power Pop (that brought them their notoriety in the 80’s) to mature adult contemporary rock artists with songs that can stand the test of time and be listened to again and again. 

Buddy Love Then

Doug Khazzam began writing songs in 1979 for a new project, a Power POP Band!  Placing an ad in the Village Voice musicians wanted section he found vocalist Joey Kelly, Scott Nevin “Killer” Schiller on bass and Rich “Starr” Stirrat on drums. Their debut single “SHEILA” got considerable airplay on New York’s WNEW-FM by eccentric DJ Vince Scelsa, who played it everyday for a month in the summer of 1980 & became an instant chart hit.  This record is much sought after by collectors of the genre and goes for ridiculous prices!  Special guest musicians on the “ SHEILA” recording session were Ronnie Guy ( David Johansen Band) on Elka Organ and the one and only Michael Brecker on Saxophone! 

27 years after the breakup of the original 1980 lineup, Joey, Doug, Rich and Scott reformed and recorded many of the same songs they performed live in 1980 as well as new songs and are again performing in the NYC metropolitan area. 

Buddy Love Lives Again!